about vêtue boutique

Hi!!!!! Vêtue Boutique is all about empowering women one outfit at a time.  Our selection of fun, unique and stylish clothing and accessories at amazing prices has YOU in mind. We are confident that what you purchase from us are not just pieces of clothing and accessories - they are pieces that elevate your style 💕

My name is Rowena. I'm in my (very) late 40's mother of two and wife to a hot training to be a Samurai dude. I have an imperfect body that is superseded by my confidence and attitude of living the best life possible. I'm a shoeAholic, tea drinking, wanderlust romantic, foodie and empty-nester always in search of the perfect red lipstick and nude nail polish. When I am not helping my customers look and feel their best, you can find me behind my phone's camera capturing adorable pictures of Rocco (my dog) and all things funny and interesting in FL and other places my soles take me.

Being vêtue boutique's Owner and Stylist, I am here to help you curate outfits that look great yet still comfortable for your lifestyle.  If you love fashion and want to look stylish and trendy but not sure how to do it, we are your go to for advice and to shop. I pride myself in my ability to help women who love fashion but don't feel savvy with fashion to feel good about themselves. With our complimentary personal styling, I help you select pieces that accentuate your body shape to get you out of your outfit rut and be confident with your style. Sometimes I will even push you outside the box. That is why we don't just operate as an online boutique but also provide personal styling as part of your vêtue boutique experience - because making you look and feel good is what we are here for so allow us to help you.

As the Buyer for the boutique, I carefully select each piece with the confidence that you will love them. Each piece you see from accessories to dresses to pants have been carefully hand selected from our trusted fashion apparel and accessories partners for their great quality, trend longevity and amazing price point. Exceptional customer service, amazing prices, and your trust is what we strive for. You will not be disappointed when you shop with us. 

Let us dress you!



Photo: Momma Got Soul Photography | Make-up: Nereida Peters | Styling: Me :)


Some more tidbits on vêtue boutique and why I do this...

What does vêtue mean?

Vêtue is the (f) French word for dressed. This online boutique is about finding the style and apparel that works for you so you can be dressed with confidence and style. Each piece has been carefully curated to make sure that it compliments at least 2 body types. Not only do we strive for versatility, we also go for the understated and effortless look because it is what never goes out of style. At vêtue boutique, we celebrate the woman!

How do you say vêtue?

Please click here to hear how to say it. 

What #hashtags can we use on Social Media for your boutique?  

Show us some love and don't forget to tag us - #vetueboutique #vetueboutiquestyle

What is your personal style?

I don't have just one style although I like classic styles because I can build on staple pieces that can later on morph to trendy, boho, edgy, vintage or street smart look. I do tend to dress outside the box especially when I get into an outfit funk. I am entering my last foray in my 40's and I am in the prime of my style and I love sharing it. This is why I love what I do because it gives other women confidence that style has ageless. And you don't need the perfect figure to look and feel good.

Other than outfits, what other things are you particular about?

My hair!  I LOVE short hair. I love to change it - color, cut and how I style it.  It's constantly changing. In High School while my friends were obsessed about having long silky hair, I was the one who had very short hair :)

What are your other passions?

Photography, food and travel are other passions of mine.  Aside from my super cute and sweet dog Rocco, I love photographing architecture, food and street style. Hiking, Yoga and Pilates are also favorite activities. I have recently fallen in love with meditating and incorporate it in my daily life.

Do you assist with helping customers put an outfit together?

Of course! One of my favorite quotes is "Fashion is what you buy, style is how you put it together." I truly believe in this notion. If we have something on our website that you are eyeing on but not sure how to style or what to wear it with, don't hesitate to email us at shop@vetueboutique.com. We can create a flat lay or style collage and send an image to you.

Do you offer a preview of your inventory prior to offering it on the website?

Yes! Like our Facebook Page - Vêtue Boutique or Join our VIP Insider Group. We do a Live Preview of our New Arrivals these sites prior to launching on your website.


Thank you and enjoy your shopping and experience with vêtue boutique!